Activities for THURSDAY 19TH

1. POEM:
Think about how you feel when you are ANGRY, SAD or HAPPY.
Is it important to express how you are feeling?
Is it important to talk about a problem with somebody who can help you? Why?

2.Then, read the poem below

“I Use My Words” by Jaymie Gerard

Goodness, I am ANGRY
It makes me want to SHOUT
To let the ANGER out
Instead I USE MY WORDS to say

Goodness, I am sad today
It makes me want to cry
And pout and whine and whimper
And sniffle, sob and sigh
Instead I use my words
To tell everybody why

Goodness, I am happy!
It makes me want to run
And go wild and act all crazy
Until the day is done
Instead I use my words ‘cause that way
We can ALL have fun!

When my FEELINGS get too STRONG
I know it’s time to say,
“I’ll USE MY WORDS to show how I feel
In a SAFE and HEALTHY way”

3. Use a dictionary if it helps you! Here´s a link:
4.SONG: HAPPY, by Pharrell Williams.

Click on the link below, listen to the song and complete the activity. The computer will check your answers!

Activities for Wednesday, 18th

1. READING COMPREHENSION Click on this link: A. Read the text about Sahra and her friends. You will see it in the webpage.
B. After reading the passage, do the true or false activity you will find below the text. Then, click on the “SHOW/HIDE FEEDBACK” button to check the answers.


Click on the following link:
Then, click on the "GRAMMAR" button.
There, you will find 3 different games you can play!:

Activities for MONDAY 16TH!

- Students Book (Unit 8) Page 76. Get ready-Vocabulary
-Workbook Pages 64 – 65
- Students Book Page 77 Before Reading Activities
- Pages 78-79 Reading Comprehension
- Page 80 Understanding

*If you have questions, leave them in the comments!

Hello, Kids! We hope everyone is ok! Until March 31st we will post activities here on the blog for you to do. The comment section will be open for you to ask any questions and we will answer them. Let´s make this work!
                                              Lots of love
                                  😀😀        Miss Mari & Miss Gabi

"My Last Summer Holidays" Salvador D.

In my summer holidays, I went to Mar del Plata. On the beach, I went to the sea a lot of times. I made a sand castle. I surfed. I played with my cousins and my friends. I ate so much. I visited my grandparents, they made a sand car. I did activities.

"My Last Summer Holidays!" Juan Pablo F.

Every day, I woke up to go to the colonia. I spent a lot of time with my friends. I played with the PS3 in my house. I played with my sister. I went to the house of my friend Facu and watched TV. I ate outdoors. My cousin went to my house. I played football and it was great. 
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